Best Carnauba Waxes All the Time

Carnauba wax P21S 12700W

P21S Carnauba Paste Wax is the opposite of the simple and easy spectrum of waxes. In other words, the convenience of many liquid and spray waxes is not here. Instead, this paste wax is all about the end result. For a dynamic shine, to give your vehicle a whole new look and unmatched protection, get ready to work with this 6.2-ounce can of pasta.

The paste has a buttery texture that basically melts onto the surface of a car with little effort. Usable with both electric and manual applicators, it’s easy to get an even layer of the paste when you rub it over the surface. The paste is also respectful of other surfaces such as black plastics. Once all is said and done, the resulting finish has a nice “wet” look that is common in many showrooms and shows car finishes.

The protective qualities of paste wax are good, but longevity is the Achilles heel of this wax. As a soft wax, the protective coating degrades rapidly in adverse weather conditions or during long road trips. In general, you can expect about a month of protection under normal driving conditions but be prepared for the shelf life to decrease to a few weeks under abnormal conditions.

Mothers 05750 California Gold Liquid Wax

Mothers California Gold Pure Carnauba Wax is a liquid solution that balances easy application and good end results. Coming in many size options (16 oz, one gallon, and multiple bulk packs), the wax is also a good buy if you want to buy in bulk to keep yourself well-stocked in your garage. However, for new buyers, we recommend the 16-ounce bottle to get an idea of ​​what this wax can do.

If you’re looking for a wax that excels in-car protection, this wax is hard to beat. The final results help protect the paint from UV rays (with proper and timely re-application), and the surface beads hydrate better than most other valuable waxes we’ve seen and tested. The liquid solution is also quick and easy to apply.

The final appearance does not match the protective qualities of the wax. Although results will vary by application, it is difficult to achieve the noticeable shine of other waxes to be easy to achieve. On light-colored vehicles, you may also notice streaks that will require special attention to remove.

Meguiar’s A2216 16 oz Carnauba Wax

If you are looking for a simple liquid carnauba wax bottle, Meguiar’s A2216 bottle is hard to beat in terms of results and easy application. As a result, this is a very beginner-friendly wax that provides a low barrier entry into DIY car care. The 16-ounce bottle size offers a good amount of wax for a small price.

Despite its low price, wax has a lot to offer in terms of overall finish and protective qualities. The gloss is not the highest in terms of high gloss, but it is noticeable enough to make a vehicle look new. More importantly, the durability of the protective layer can last from three to six months, depending on the frequency of driving and current weather conditions.

The application can be a bit difficult when trying to achieve an even coat. Like most waxes, this one suffers from working in direct sunlight and can produce an unpleasant odor if heated enough. Slight streaks and white residue are also common, but can usually be cleaned up with a good microfiber towel and some muscle.

Chemical Guys Wet Butter Wax